David D. Porter Camp #116, SUVCW

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Welcome! This website was created on Nov 05 2005 and last updated on Feb 04 2016.

There are 220 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Civil War Faces, Schuyler Colfax, in 1823. The most recent event is the death of Members, Smith, Paul, 2005 in 2012.The webmaster of this site is jack shaw. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About David D. Porter Camp #116, SUVCW
Welcome to the David D. Porter Camp #116 Web-site. PLEASE sign the "GUESTBOOK" 
before leaving. 
  This is an active message board that may  be used by all. 
 Share any thoughts or ideas you may have on building this site for the 
enjoyment of all who has in interest in the Civil War and the soldiers who 
sacrificed so much.....When navigating this site, PLEASE slide your mouse 
to "PHOTOS" on the bar, located at the top of the page. Choose "SLIDE SHOW" - 
sit back and enjoy!  This presenation is an excellent window into the Sons of 
Union Veterans of the Civil War Organization and the legacy of the Civil War. 
DO NOT MISS THIS FEATURE! Also, Please visit our National Web-site at  A link to this site can be found below, on this web page. 
Membership information may be found on our National site for all Orders of the 
Grand Army of the Republic.

About Meetings,, David D. Porter Camp #116, INFO.
The David D. Porter Camp Meetings are held on one chosen Saturday, each month. Please Contact Senior Vice Commander, Jack 
Shaw, (219-797-4219) for times and Locations. After October 25th, 2014, The David D. Porter camp will be 
resuming a share of their monthly Meetings at the Memorial Opera House, in Valparaiso, IN…. The G.A.R and their Allied Orders 
Called the Opera House home for many years and the SUVCW will be returning to this great GAR hall. PLease email or call for further 

CURRENT OFFICERS:   January, 2015

Camp Commander,  Stephen E. Mockler
Senior Vice Commander, Jack Shaw, 
Junior Vice Commander, Randall Eckley 
Secretary, William Adams
Treasurer, Bill Bierly
Chaplain, Pat Doyle
Camp Council Members, Ron Gill, Jack Shaw, Craig Powers

National, Tad D. Campbell, Commander-in-Chief
Department of Indiana,   William Adams, Department Commander


    If you have any questions or would like to  submit pics or info
to the David D. Porter Camp Web page, Please feel free to  contact:

Jack Shaw
3499 W. 1350 S.
Hanna, Indiana, 46340-9742, U.S.A

By Phone:

tele: 219-797-4219
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